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Soapstone | Origin

 2.2 billion years ago earth was still at the very early stage of it´s history. There was not a single living thing (besides single and multiple cell “creatures”) on earth and the continental blocks started moving to their modern day positions. Volcanic activity was very high even in Scandinavia, which is one of the oldest geological areas on earth.

As the solid surface of earth was moving and the continental blocks collided a high mountain range was formed in the area, that nowadays borders between Finland and Russia. As the mountains where rising, huge air pockets where forming underneath them. Fluid, volcanic stone was filling those pockets. Under this intense heat and extremely high pressure very special stone, soapstone, was formed.

It lay at rest under the high mountains for billions of years till the northern hemisphere was re-shaped by quite another type of force from nature: The Ice Age. Huge masses of continental ice swept over the area, so enormous was the pressure that it even levelled down the Carelian mountain range, that had been hiding one of the most interesting gifts of nature: soapstone.

Still it had to wait for quite a long time before anybody understood to start making all sorts of items of it. Tens of thousands of years of midnight sun in the summer and beautiful symphonies of northern lights in the winter made the stone even more special.

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