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Soapstone | Features

Mother Nature gave soapstone mythical capabilities to withstand harsh, Nordic environment. It can handle equally well hot fire of freezing cold. It is capable of accumulating both heat as well as cold. And it stays warm or cold for a long time. This is one of the unique characteristics of Hukka products.

Soapstone is relatively soft stone material, that can be crafted to various shapes and forms by experienced craftsmen. Even though soft, the stone is very dense and heavy material. For example, it does not absorb any liquids or tastes. Soapstone has been tested and approved to be used in preparing or storing food products.

Soapstone is extremely sturdy stone material, that can withstand well challenges of modern environment. 2.3 billion years long “manufacturing process” has prepared it for most of the challenges it might encounter.

Idealmainos 5/2011