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Hukka Harmony, silky touch from billions of years ago

Why is Hukka better?

Various hot stone therapies have been used in therapeutic work for thousands of years. There is a good reason for this: “Touch of stone” combined with the warmth soothes muscles, body and soul very efficiently.

In order to be effective the stones used in this kind of therapy have to stay warm for long period of time. The amazing heat retaining capacity of Finnish soapstone has been known for centuries. Hukka Harmony therapy stones have been crafted from this, over two billion years old, unique natural stone. Soapstone accumulates about 2,5 times as much energy as “traditional”, porous stones used for hot stone therapy. Therefore you need a lot less stones for good results.

The unique structure of soapstone gives you also another advantage: As the porosity of it is very low, only 0,008%, stone does not “collect” dirt, dead skin and so on and can be cleaned very easily: You just put them in normal dishwasher!

As Hukka Harmony therapy stones are precision crafted from natural stone they fit in therapist’s hand perfectly. They are also thick and heavy enough for perfect therapy results. Soapstone´s silky feel on skin is also getting very positive feedback from customers.


Idealmainos 5/2011