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Sauna | Usage tips

In order to be able to enjoy sauna thoroughly three things have to be taken care of: Suitable temperature, good ventilation and high enough humidity in sauna room. Hukka products can not adjust the temperature in your sauna, you have to do that yourself. But our sauna meters can help you with this. Ventilation is something that has to be taken care of already when you plan and build the sauna. Afterwards there is not much you can do about it.

When it comes to humidity we have many products, that can help you maintaining it in your sauna. Besides providing enough humidity in the air our sauna fountains create unique sauna feeling. Water splashing in the air is beautiful to watch and when it lands on the hot sauna stones it also creates nice audio effect.

  • Never place Hukka products in direct contact with electric heating element
  • Be very careful installing Hukka sauna fountains. Make sure hot water does not hit people in sauna
  • To make your sauna experience complete you should not forget relaxing stone massage, good snack and cold drinks. For all these purposes you can find suitable Hukka products

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