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  • size: ø 130 x 36 mm
  • weight: 0,83 kg
  • 1 pc/box

“Joy and hilarity in the sauna! Sauna stoves have never seen anything like this before. Install the Heppu firmly between the stones, tilting it slightly backwards. When the stove heats up sufficiently, the Heppu conceals itself in its own hole, popping out to the joy of sauna users when enough cold water is poured down its neck.

The Heppu works based on the temperature difference. For this reason, the hotter the stone and the colder the water cast over it, the greater the energy and joy with which the Heppu will pop into view. So, if he stays hidden, throw lots more water down his neck. If our enthusiastic showman refuses to enter his hole, leave him to warm up for a while or, if necessary, move him to a hotter part of the stove”

Product number: 11023

Idealmainos 5/2011